Journeying into God

CentrePort is a community of people with hearts burning after God. We have an Elijah commission to see people responding to the things of God once more.

We are on a Mission

CentrePort Apostolic Ministries, Canada (4)

Our Vision

To awaken the church in Canada to greater fullness by facilitating transition into the Kingdom order

Our Mission

To develop each man in his highest calling in God - the call to sonship

Our 5 Pillars


Nurturing authentic relationship, based on covenant joining, love, honour, care and sacrifice. We value connection with one another and with other streams within the Church


Upward mobility, and continuous movement into new truths in God while being established in previously restored truths


Constituting true witness for God by accurately representing Him in every sphere of culture and modelling His Kingdom right here


Unrelenting conformity to Christ-likeness


Taking new territory for God, and reclaiming lost territories

Our Leadership

Robyn Paul

Robyn functions as a prophet, with a mandate to adorn the Body of Christ. She co-founded CentrePort Ministries International, with her husband in 2010, and has fully functioned in ministry for several years in several capacities as: Senior Associate Pastor, CentrePort Apostolic Ministry Nigeria; Head of Admin, Director, CentrePort School of Ministry (CSOM) and Global Missions Director.

She is an alum of the Lagos State University where she obtained a B.Sc in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management. Also a graduate of the Breakthrough School of Ministry, Robyn is a trained Interior Designer and plant enthusiast. Robyn is a conference speaker, counselor and mentor; she teaches in Bible Colleges, Boot camps and churches, bringing grace and impartation to lives.

Ernest Paul

Ernest is a bond servant of Jesus, called to serve as an apostle. His ministry path flagged off with the Rays of Hope Club, a teaching platform he founded at age 17 in Jos Nigeria.

He began functioning as a prophetic psalmist about 1987/88. In 1995 he founded Living Springs, a prophetic-teaching endeavour. In 1998 He was instructed to go serve under the Lord Reigns Ministries, Lagos Nigeria. There he worked as the administrator of Breakthrough School of Ministry (BSM), providing support services to 17 schools across West Africa at a time, while also travelling and lecturing. He served in this capacity until 2009, and by this time he was also travelling across University campuses, equipping the next generation with the Present Truth.

A prolific writer, Ernest has written about 20 books including the classics Unleashing the Sons of God, Possessing the Fullness, Weaponizing Your Children and the Ministry of a Psalmist. Others include the Rise series. He and Robyn are host to a number of Kingdom initiatives including “Voice to the Churches”, a yearly prophetic Kingdom conference, modeled after Revelations 2&3 to articulate Heaven’s current concerns for the churches. He also coordinates the Council of Seers and Prophetic People (COSAPP), a prophetic network determined to mentor emerging prophets and seers, steward the prophetic word and bring the word of the Lord to the Church. Ernest travels extensively as a conference speaker, fulfilling his mandates of establishing people in their  call to sonship; helping people understand and function in the emerging Kingdom order, bringing the Word of the Lord to churches and urging a transition into the spiritual prevailing position, while ministering to broken, fractured souls, systems and nations with healing, restoration, wholeness and harmony.

Our Ministries

CentrePort School of Prophets (CSOP)

A 12 weeks online course designed to train Believers in hearing God’s voice and fully developing their prophetic potential.

CentrePort School of Ministry (CSOM)

6 months program designed to equip and empower ministers and those seeking to enter into ministry

Kids Walking In The Supernatural (KiWITS)

Kids Walking In The Supernatural (KiWITS), is a mentoring and training initiative designed to secure the next generation by equipping them to thrive in the coming dark days.

Training The Trainers (TTT)

An online interaction for inspiring, coaching, and resourcing parents, school teachers and people called to Children ministry


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