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24 Mar
Until 06 Jul


LAP Bootcamp is a 4-week life-changing experience that will provide you with the spiritual creativity, prophetic activation, impartation, spiritual direction and networking you need to respond to Heaven’s “now” demand upon the creatives in Zion.


The LAP Bootcamp is really a prophetic crash course curated for artists and creatives. We believe that God is placing two major demands upon creatives in this hour: firstly, He calling them as an army into the frontlines of the cultural wars that is going on. His command is, “beat your ploughshares into swords.” (in other words, ‘weaponize your craft’). Secondly,


He is releasing the builders anointing upon them and ordaining them to incarnate ‘Zion’ right here. His command here is, “build/craft/create according to the pattern.” And His demand is for accurate representation and replication of the heavenly design and order here on earth. In either scenarios God is seeking to elevate your artistic media beyond its commercial, entertainment and/or educational function to a tool for Kingdom advance.


The creative community has always been the most perceptive in any society throughout history. They are actually the nerves of any culture, and are responsible for interpreting the zeitgeist, as well as playing formative ideological roles in every season of transition. They are also the primary shapers of human consciousness and the builders of the infrastructures – soulical and physical – in which we execute our lives.


Who is it for?


Artists, musicians, singers, poets, sculptors, writers, dancers, actors, photographers, historians, architects, fashion designers, make-up artists, hairstylists, lithographers, barbers, calligraphers, models, comedians, cobblers, film makers, animators, graphic artists, content creators, brand architects and strategists.

The series of teachings, workshops, prophetic activation practicums and impartation offered through this program will position you to deploy your artistic media as a prophetic gateway for the release of God’s Kingdom on earth. The renaissance artists did more than just ‘blow’ or deploy their talents in a rewarding fashion, many of them were aligned to gods and spirit-interests, who enabled them to articulate forms beyond mere genius.


LAP Bootcamp will help you:


  • Master the basics of the prophetic – how to hear God, through colours, numbers, shapes, dreams and visions, and other traditional ways God speaks
  • Understand the spirit of creativity
  • Learn how to prophesy, not verbally, but using your artistry
  • Develop a Kingdom worldview
  • Incorporate stillness and the art of waiting on God
  • Learn some of the principles that King David and other psalmists had a good grasp of
  • Make friends through a collaborative interactive space

This bootcamp is brought to you free, at no cost to you.

Program Schedule:
LAP Bootcamp is four weekend-long, and has 10 modules of training, commencing on July 6, 2024.

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